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Touch Dimmer TD001
4 Step dimmer
Product description
The function/program can be customized made upon different needs. Such us with/without memory, longer time for stay on, etc........

Description Dimension Voltage Load
Touch Dimmer 10x43mm 12-24VDC Max. 8 Amps.

V-     ----DC input negative
DC input parameters    
               Input Votage    12-24V DC Max.
               Input Current    Max. 8A
               Power: 96W for 12V, or 192W for 24V.
LED+  --- Output to LED Strip positive
LED-   --- Output to LED Strip negative
The conductive spring needs to be covered by insulation material such as glass, plastic or ceramic material.

4 Steps Dimmer
Off  →  supper low  →  low  →  medium  →  high  →  Off….
Touch times        Brightness           Percentage of full load
0 off 0%
1 Super Low 6%
2 Low 28%
3 Medium 60%
4 High 99%



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