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Touch sensor switch/dimmer TD008
> Touch switch ON/OFF with dimmable function and memory.
> Input voltage 12V-24VDC.
> Input current 2A max.
> Power 24W for 12V, or 48W for 24V.
> Cable length: 1m wih mini connector.
> Quick touch: switch ON/OFF; Long Touch: Dimming.
> 12V-24VDC Memory Function.
Product description
The function/program can be customized made upon different needs. Such us with/without memory, longer time for stay on, etc........

                                                                                                                  Touch sensor switch / dimmer
With memory External switch on/off and dimmer:
1)  Originally “Off” when the power is connected.
2)  Quick Touch (time is less than 550ms) can turn the light on and off. One touch to turn on;  another touch to turn off. The lamp is 100% bright when it is on.
3)  Hold on touching (time is above 550ms) can adjust the brightness endlessly. It will reduce the brightness endlessly to the minimum in 3 seconds holding on when the light is on. It will increase the brightness endlessly to 100% in 3 seconds holding on when the light is off.
4)  Quick touch and Hold on touching can be chosen anytime without any collision.
5)  This sensor will memorize the status of the dimming in DC12V-24V.

Installation Instructions:  
Step I: Cut a 18mm hole at the fixture    
Step II: Put the Detector Head into the 18mm hole
Step III: connector wires to the input end and output end of the control PCB. 
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