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PIR sensor PIR003(Recessed)
PIR sensor switch: Automatically ON/OFF.
Product description
The function/program can be customized made upon different needs. Such us with/without memory, longer time for stay on, etc........

Description Dimension Detection Range Voltage Load Power
PIR Sensor Switch 16x60mm ≤2Meter 12-24VDC Max. 4 Amps. 96W for 12V, or 192W for 24V

PIR Sensor Switch PIR003 is to be assembled into lighting fixtures, so the lighting fixture can automatically turn on when any part of human body is approaching within 2 meters from the sensor. The lighting fixture equipped with this PIR Sensor will stay on if the human body stays within 2 meters from the sensor. It will turn off in 40 seconds after human body move away more than 2 meters.  

Installation Instructions:  
Step 1: Drill a hole in a diameter 14mm and a depth 54mm minimum in wooden plate.
Step 2: Insert the sensor into the hole in the wooden plate.
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