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Hand & Door Sensor IR006(Surface)
Hand & Door sensor switch
Product description

Description Dimension Voltage Current Power
Hand & Door sensor switch 16x54mm 12-24VDC Max. 4 Amps. 96W for 12V, or 192W for 24V

V+    ----DC input positive
V-    ----DC input negative
DC input parameters    
               Input Voltage    12-24V DC Max.
               Input Current    Max. 8A
LED+  --- Output to LED Strip positive
LED-  --- Output to LED Strip negative
ThThe led lamp connected to the output of the IR sensor switch will turn on when the hand pass over the detector within 10cm in distance and will turn off when the hand pass over the detector again. It could also act as a door sensor model. When the door in front of the sensor detector for about 10 second, it would be automatically turn to door sensor model. The light would be on/off when the door open/close.It could turn to hand sensor model again once there no object stay in front of the sensor for 10s.
Choose the hand or door model as you want. The sensor switch will turn on or off with above repeatable steps.
Detective Distance: ≤10cm.
Installation Instructions
Step 1: Install the holder part with PIR sensor.
Step 2: Fixing the holder part with two screws(M3x8) onto the wooden plate.

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