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PIR sensor PIR001T
Dimension: 10x51mm.
Input voltage: 12-24VDC.
Current: 8A max.
Power: 96W for 12V, or 192W for 24V.
Delay Time: Adjustable about 6-70S.
Detection Range: ≤2 meters.
Automatically ON/OFF.
Product description
The function/program can be customized made upon different needs. Such us with/without memory, longer time for stay on, etc........

Description Dimension Detection Range Voltage Load
PIR Sensor Switch 10x51mm ≤2Meter 12-24VDC Max. 8 Amps.

PIR Sensor Switch PIR001T is to be assembled into lighting fixtures, so the lighting fixture can automatically turn on when any part of human body is approaching within 2 meters from the sensor. The lighting fixture equipped with this PIR Sensor will stay on if the human body stays within 2 meters from the sensor. It Advantage of PIR001T: Time adjustable (6s to 70s).

Installation Instructions:  
Step I: Cut a 10.5mm hole at the fixture    
Step II: Put the Detector Head into the 10.5mm hole
Step III: connector wires to the input end and output end of the control PCB. 
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