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Proximity Sensor Switch PS001
1, Dimension: 10x47mm.
2, Input voltage: 12-24VDC.
3, Current: 6A max.
4, Power: 72W for 12V, or 144W for 24V.
5, Detection Range: ≤10cm
6,Ready to work: 3Sec.after power on.
7,Light will be turned ON/OFF when hand is passing
Over the sensor.
Product description

Product characteristic

The Proximity Switch (motion sensor) is designed to be used in LED Aluminum Profile. It is dedicated for switching LED lights “on”and “off” without the need of touching the switch. The Proximity switch operates based on an active reflective photocell. The cyclical device sends a string of infrared impulses and measures the strength of the reflected signal. When a hand is placed closer to the sensor the infrared impulses reflect from the hand and bounce back to the sensor. If the strength of the signal is maintained on the appropriate level, the output of the dimmer will reverse its state. The infrared light is emitted on a definite frequency as a result the dimmer is resistant to signals coming from other sources such as infrared remote controls, lamps or sunlight.

The bottom of the Proximity switch is equipped with tape trigger the sensor.

that allows secure mounting of the switch and additionally cools down the switch when mounted into an extrusion.


* We do not recommend installing the proximity switch above the stove top. Hot air can

* We do not recommend installing the proximity switch near curtains. Drafts of air can move the curtain and as a result trigger the sensor.

* Do not bend the base of proximity switch as it may damage the device.

* Switching the main power on/off will cause the lit LED fixtures operated by the proximity switch to be turned “off”.


The Proximity switch is dedicated for applications that require very high hygiene standards such as: laboratories, hospital operating rooms. The switch guaranties safety while turning the light on in the bathroom with wet hands or any other application where you may not physically want to touch the switch. The switch provides comfort for example while working in the kitchen as it allows for quick and secure triggering of lighting during work, often with having unwashed hands.


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